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Our Team

Mr. Ahmed Takoy, Group Chairman & CEO

Mr Ahmed Takoy is a holder of a Masters degree in Strategic Management from the Univerity of Nairobi. In addition to his visionary leadership of Northlink GSC Ltd, Mr. Ahmed has over 25 years experience of Financial Management in NGOs, the UN and the banking sector. He has, over the years, built invaluable relationships through professional engagements such as strategic consultancies to programs supported/ funded by development institutions such as the European Commission, USAID and the World Bank.

Njoki Njonjo, Director - Business Development

As a corporate brand enthusiast, Njoki Njonjo posses a real passion for pushing boundaries of conventional marketing.

With a fundamental focus on representing the voice of the customer and end-users, her career vision is to deliver and execute innovative and engaging marketing initiatives that drive, grow and sustain brand loyalty and affinity for Northlink GSC Ltd.

Engineer Muhoro - Technical Advisor

Engineer Muhoro is Northlink’s go-to person for direction and advice in construction activities. From concrete mixing levels to keeping updated on OSHA and other government regulations, Engineer Muhoro ensures that our quality standards are not compromised on site.

Hilal Ahmed Takoy - Technical Director

Mr. Hilal offers the strategic direction for Northlink GSC in matters Research & Development, on-boarding new hires in the civil engineering and construction divisions, Quality Health, Safety & Equipment issues, as well as project budget management. With the wealth of experience that Mr. Hilal has, our brand promise remains firm to our clients.