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Strategy & Operations

Value Proposition

In this industry of building and construction, the baseline is professionalism, timely delivery and qualified team members.

At Northlink, we operate far above the baseline hence our unique advantage of:

  • Adaptation of the latest technologies in project management and execution
  • Flexibility in accommodating client demands and expectations
  • Client involvement and interaction during project execution

Financial Strength

One of the most critical elements to consider when choosing a construction partner is their financial strength. Northlink GSC Ltd provides financial surety for our clients and their financiers. We maintain a policy of profit reinvestment and working capital management to ensure our balance sheet remains proportionate to the size of our business.
We always meet the financial requirements for private and government projects because of our cash and liquid asset reserves and a stable client base, which translate into consistent cash flow and profitability. Our audited financial statements are available on request.

Our Capabilities

Our main office is in the country’s capital, Nairobi, Kenya and we have an office in Mandera County.

We believe in your dreams and that's why actualizing them is our priority. For all our clients, we draw upon our years of experience, depth of expertise, a wealth of networks, advanced equipment and continuous staff development to deliver timely and within budget projects.

Our projects are delivered via early contractor involvement, design and construct managing contractor and effective methods of procurement.

Safety for Success

Whether on a project site or in the administrative functions, safety is a hallmark of our operation. Our teams operate by the simple mantra of “I choose safety. It bears my success”. It is a philosophy of taking personal responsibility, engaging in careful decision-making, and being aware that each person can improve safety, by choice and with positive results.

At the core of choosing safety is an acknowledgement that each person involved in the design and delivery of a project is a decision-maker, from the design consultant and estimator through to the site worker putting the final touches in place.

The scope of our service, depth of experience and the quality of our people have positioned us among industry leaders and our continued success lies in the strength of our client base and the diversity of the sectors we work in. We retain high levels of repeat business from long-established client relationships amongst key private and institutional corporates, as well as county and national government agencies.

In recent times, we have expanded into the pharmaceutical industry to supply non-pharmaceutical materials and equipment. This is a strategic business response to the demands that are being put on the building and construction sector following the rise of COVID19.